Thursday, October 27, 2011

A little tender mercy :)

Lately we have had so many tender mercies that I can't even explain how blessed we feel. There are so many ways everyday the Lord has shown me how much He loves me. This morning I had a wonderful experience and thought I would share it:)

So right before I was about to leave to go to yoga I had a couple of minutes and of course what did I do... went on facebook:) I was only on for a second and then a little box popped up and said I had a message from Mahmud. Mahmud is one of the sweetest men I know. Him and his wife and their cute family live in Accra, Ghana and they are one of the families that Zack taught the gospel to on his mission. They are amazing! They are some of the strongest, most courageous and humble people I know. Truly anyone who meets them, leaves a better person. 

Zack and I can't wait to go to Ghana some day and visit all of the people he taught, but luckily the last 2 years Mahmud has come to visit us:) The first summer was when Zack and I were dating and Mahmud came out for conference and they got to go to every session. Then last summer, Mahmud and his wife Irene, came out because Mahmud was graduating from the University of Phoenix and luckily we got to see them and have them stay with us. It was Irene's first time to America. We had so much fun and I LOVED getting to know them and seeing the love they have for my husband:) Here are some pictures from then:

My african dress Irene had made for me and Zacks african shirt! I am a spaz:)

Irene and I laughing so hard:)

Making fufu:) It was so yummy!
Irene trying to teach me how to walk with a full glass of water on your head. I was not so good at it:) But she was amazing. She could turn and sit all the way down on the ground and do pretty much anything!

At Temple Square. What a sweet experience:)

 So anyways this morning I got to briefly talk to Mahmud on facebook and it was such a sweet tender mercy. How many times does a wife get to talk to one of her husbands converts and let alone get to know them as well as we have been able to? This was one time I was so grateful for facebook. I was here in Arizona and got to talk to Mahmud in Ghana! 

I just had an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. So grateful for my amazing husband and his mission that he served. He served so selflessly and wholeheartedly. You can see his hard work through the amazing converts and relationships he has with everyone in Ghana. I have loved getting to know Mahmud and Irene and I am so grateful for their wonderful examples. Everything they say and do testifies of their love for the Gospel. It just made my day to be able to talk to them today. Zack was a bit jealous, but hopefully we'll get to talk to them again soon! I'm grateful for my husband and the faithful mission that he served. And I am so grateful for Mahmud and Irene and their testimonies. Talking to them always uplifts me and strengthens my testimony. 


Krista said...

Hey it has been way fun reading your blog! That is so exciting you are pregnant! I just loved this post so much because Casey is serving in the same mission right now. I dont know if you remember Casey very well, he is the youngest boy in the Treu fam. Anyway, Im glad you are doing well. I see your sisters at competitions all the time, and your mom too :)

Bridget said...

What an awesome experience! And that is amazing she can do that with the water! Thanks for sharing. :)