Friday, June 24, 2011

Yahoo!!! We finally have a blog!

We've been wanting to do one forever and just never sat down to do it. But now that we live in Arizona and have a baby on the way, we thought now would be the perfect time to start. Here's a quick recap of what has been going on the last couple of months.

In December of 2010, Zack graduated from Utah Valley University with a bachelors degree in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. He's such a smarty pants and graduated in the top 15% of his class, I'm so proud of him:) Then in January of this year, we moved down here to Arizona and Zack started working for his dad at his insurance agency. Zack really enjoys going to work and being the main bread winner for our family. We've kind of switched roles. The last couple of years I was working hard and supporting him through his last years of school, and now he is working hard and supporting me through school:) Marriage is the best!!! So like I said, I am now going to school and just chipping away at getting my degree. I took the summer off because of all of the traveling we are doing, but will be starting again in the fall. I am also teaching at a local dance studio here, Dance Connection
Too, and still performing in shows whenever I can. However now with our baby on the way those shows are getting fewer and fewer:)

We could not be more excited for our baby!! It is truly a miracle. We found out in March that there were some complications and that getting pregnant for us (we thought) wasn't going to be that easy. We found out that I have polycystic ovaries, which is a condition that effects ovulation. Haha now not wanting to get too detailed, it basically means that I have a lot of cysts on my ovaries. So a little discouraged, but grateful that we finally knew what it was, we were scheduled to start some medications that would hopefully help.

But the week that we were supposed to start the medicines I decided to take one last pregnancy test. I didn't even mention it to Zack and tried my best not to get my hopes up, but then...IT WAS POSITIVE!!!! I about died!!! I showed Zack and neither of us believed it. So I took another one:) And that was positive too!!! We just cried, but still didn't know if it was real. So we called the doctor, got a blood test and yep, I was pregnant:) So now I'm 13 weeks and I think I'm just getting over being sick:)

We feel so blessed and we are so excited for the road ahead of us!