Friday, October 21, 2011

Baby showers and trip to Utah!

Last weekend we got to drive up to Utah. It was a packed weekend! It was my cousin Brayden's wedding, my mother-in-law Leisa threw me a baby shower, then I had a combined shower with Ashly, we saw Aaron (Zack's brother) perform at Lagoon and ultimately we got to visit family! It was so fun and we loved every minute of it! Here are some pictures :)
My first shower! I only have a few pictures because I was so distracted with the yummy cupcakes that I forgot to take pictures. 
So grateful for all of the generous gifts I received from friends and family! Thank you so much Leisa for putting this shower on for me. I loved it and I am deeply grateful:) 
This cute balloon Rog got that was a binki:) 
At Brayden's wedding! Got to see all of aunts who came in town for the wedding and then they stayed and came to our shower the next morning! Loved seeing everyone. 
Our bellies!!

Brayden and his cute wife:)
Amber has chickens and Ciana is not afraid of them at all! It is so funny, she was chasing them around and would just grab them and hold them.

She put herself in a box and had up to 6 chickens in there with her. Even when they tried to get away, she would just grab them and put them back in! 
Mine and Ashly's combined shower!
Playing a game that luckily everyone helped me with:) 
Opening our gifts! I am so grateful for all of the gifts that my family and friends gave my baby and me! Now I just can't wait to see her in all of those cute clothes we received:)

We were trying to make our babies jump when we were next to each other:)
Sorry most of our pictures were blurry, because everyone was moving the whole time! haha imagine that in a singing and dancing show:) But we were so proud of Aaron! He was amazing and we loved watching him perform! He's so talented:)
We got to see the show 5 times! It was such a busy night and the shows were packed so in this picture, Matt was actually waiting in line for the next show. 
We went and rode the lift at Sundance. Lydia just wanted to sit with Zack the whole time. It was so cute!
I have THE cutest nieces and nephews!

Wow it was soooooo beautiful! Fall is my favorite season and I am so glad we got to go up and see the colors in the canyon.  

Carving pumpkins at grandmas:)

one of my favorite pictures! London just came up to Ashly and said Hi, I didn't see you! and gave her a big hug!! See her leg wrapped around Ashly's leg? haha

All of us together!!! I love them so very much:) They really are my best friends.

Everyone carved pumpkins and London named hers Frent..... Ha

It was such a fun trip! So grateful for the time that we were able to spend with our families. It was fun to finally have our families see and feel my belly. I swear every time someone new came and put their hand on my belly, right on cue our little girl would kick their hand. It was so fun. It was her way of saying hi! The first time she did that to Averie, Averie screamed and jumped away and started crying. First it scared her, because my little girl sure knows how to kick, then it was so cute to see her reaction that there really is a baby inside of me and we both got emotional. I just love our family and friends! Thanks for such an amazing weekend and for all of our cute presents we got at both of our showers:) Love you and miss you!


marilee said...

oh my heavens! I love this post afti. You're the greatest! So glad we could see each other finally. And the picture with all your sisters is beautiful, and so sweet. love you.

michelle said...

I love this post and I loved seeing you!!! I'm so glad you are coming back!!! You look beautiful in all these pictures!

Bridget said...

I looks like you had such a great trip and fun showers! And you are looking just as gorgeous as ever! :)