Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Wow!! That's pretty much all I can say:) We decided to take this trip to celebrate our anniversary and to take one last trip before our lives change forever. Hawaii was what we settled on because I had never been there and have wanted to go forever. Hawaii lived up to all of my expectations and more! It was so fun and we tried doing everything we could (mind me being 5 months pregnant). Sorry there are a ton of pictures, but here's a small glimpse of the 900+ pictures that we took:) (Also I think I do things a little backwards on this blog, but I put the explanation at the bottom of each picture, I don't know it just makes sense in my brain, so hope that helps and makes sense to you too:)
Our fun jeep!
Our view from our amazing condo! If anyone is going to Oahu, we know the best place to stay!
We went to a ton of beach's, but here is one picture at Waimea.
Zack jumping off the rock at Waimea:)
We hiked to Maunawili falls and of course Zack jumped off all of the cliffs.
Here's kind of a shot of my belly at 20 weeks and a couple of days!
At Pearl Harbor.
On the memorial for the Arizona.
At the swap meet!
Eating Matsumoto's! Yumm:)

Our underwater camera! We got to see a bunch of cool fish and sea turtles!
Walking/swimming out to China man's hat.
We made it to the top! Bouldering is a bit harder when you have a big protruding belly in front of you:)
The view was amazing!
Walking back.
August 12!! What an amazing day, our anniversary! Words can't even express how in love I am with my husband. He is the best person I know and he makes me soooo happy. These last 2 years have honestly been the best of my life and can't wait to celebrate many more years.
Then we went to the PCC. So fun!
Eating fresh Poi.

At the Luau they called all of the couples up celebrating their anniversary and they sang while we danced. A nice couple who sat next to us took these pictures:)
I love him!

At the amazing show that night, eating our yummy desert!
snorkeling again at sharks cove:)

We loved our vacation and I loved going and experiencing it with Zack. He makes everyday an adventure and so much fun! We can't wait to go back some day!


Destry said...

How fun! Glad you guys got one last trip in before the little one comes. Trips won't be that easy again for a long time. Sure looks like you had a good time, I'm jealous.

Leisa said...

I really love your blog! I can't even tell you how thrilled I am that you love eachother so much. It shows in every picture. What a blessing and a joy you are to me. I couldn't have wished for anything more than what you both have and bring to this world and to my life. Well, except for to have you live in UTAH! ;-) I love you!!

Love, Mom