Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Trip to Utah!

Our trip to Utah was so fun! Although it was short, our weekend was jam packed. Here's a small glimpse at what we did.


Riding the tube

This explains everything:) Rog covered in mud, the tube over turned (Zack of course the instigator) and Matt swimming off mad, with his much too big life jacket:) haha
At this fun gym were the boys went crazy and I about peed my pants laughing at them:)

Zack did just about every kind of flip you could possibly think of.

Up the canyon:)
It was so green!
The main reason we went up to Utah was because
Chris, Zack's little brother, received his eagle. We are so proud of him:)

Love Matt's face.

My favorite picture! Annie, Matt, and James:) Our family is so blessed.

We love him:)

At my parents house celebrating all of the birthdays that are in July. And a fun slip and slide that the kids loved!

I love my family more than words!

And finally decided to show off my little tummy that I now have:) This is me at 17 weeks! I'm starting to feel movement and it's the craziest feeling. I remember seeing my sisters stomach muscles separating and now mine are too. When I flex there's this little mountain in the middle of where my stomach muscles used to be. And finally my belly button has already kinda popped. I had an "outy" when I was little and it's back! I guess that kinda runs in my family. As soon as there's something on the inside pushing out, our belly buttons are the first to go. Anyways I'm not sick anymore and really enjoying my 2nd trimester.


Leisa said...

I love it!!! What a fun week! I thouroughly enjoyed being with all of you. Afton, you are the most beautiful baby mama that I have ever seen. I love you so much for how you love Zack. I love you for how you love and treat Matt. I love you for loving all of us. You are truly one of ours. Zack, I love you too... :)

Bridget said...

Oh! You are adorable Afton!!
It looks like you two had a wonderful trip! :)

kurt and angel blain :) said...

congrats afton that is so exciting!!! I am so happy for you. hope you are doing well and feeling well.!!!